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The Silicon Talent Methodology stresses the importance of information in decision making.  Our commitment to quality continuously drives us to understand what it is that people do, that companies do, and their unique place within a broader industry.  

To develop an understanding of the talented individuals we represent, we meet with them in person to discuss their identity, what makes them, them.  We don't claim to get to know everything about a person, but we like to understand where they have been, what they are currently doing, and where they would like to go career wise.  We are into working with people for the long term, so knowing where a person would like their career to go is an important step.  At the core of our practice is a belief that at any given time their is an ideal fit somewhere.  That fit may or may not be with one of our clients, regardless we are here to support the individual.

To understand our clients and the industries they reside in, we do much the same.  We routinely meet with hiring managers within our client companies to discuss their needs, new industry developments, changing industry needs, and position of firms within that industry niche.  However, the search for knowledge doesn't stop there, we also subscribe to industry journals and conduct our own research to gain insight into the inner workings of particular industries and the talent bases that create them.  

All in all it would not be unfair to say that we work alongside our clients, anticipating changes in their needs, and recognizing where and how we can help.  The methodology is flexible, enabling us to integrate tightly with almost any environment, what is not flexible is the over arching commitment to quality. 

Historically four principles guided our methodology, while the name may have changed, they have not:

  • Know Your Industries.  To be truly successful at saving our clients time and money while providing top industry talent it is essential that representatives of Silicon Talent understand what technologies are used in a specific industry and how they affect the viability and competitive nature of each of our clients. 
  • Treat Clients & Talent as Unique Individuals.  Every company has its distinctions, just as every person has their own personality characteristics.  By paying attention to details, we enable the matching of talent to organizational needs at a level far beyond key words.
  • Be Honest.  Treating people and situations with honesty creates an environment where political barriers that impede business from moving at full speed are removed, and a long-term relationship of trust can be built.
  • Maintain Long-Term Vision.  In the Silicon Valley, it is impossible to avoid dealing in short-term situations, but by building long-term relationships and maintaining long-term vision, we can continue to both grow and improve with and in the industries we focus on.

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